We’re Louisiana grown yet Nationally known.

At GBP Direct, our mission is simple: remain easy to work with while creating a lasting business relationship with our clients. It is true that big-box competitors pose a marketing challenge to us with their excessive mailbox stuffings, endless online ads,  and ear-worm radio jingles, but they can’t come close to competing with us where it matters most…real service. Our ongoing objective is to always provide speedy delivery, prompt yet thorough communication, and experienced advice. These are the pillars of effective customer service and sound business and it is something we never take lightly.

What started in 1999 as a small upstart has evolved into an office supply powerhouse that is nationally recognized as a leader and trend setter in the industry. We’re proof positive that if you do the right thing long enough, phenomenal growth will be the result. We have earned the privilege to serve some of the top companies in the region and boast at least one corporate client from every state in America

The Difference Makers

Professional Delivery

What does that mean? It means that whenever possible and certainly within our extensive service radius, we use our own trucks and our own experienced professional deliverymen. Just a few years ago the big box resellers decided to nix their drivers and rely solely on third party couriers. Customers hated this. We immediately recognized that outsourcing delivery was a huge mistake. The fact is, drivers are on the frontline every day. A professional driver will get to know your likes and dislikes and place products according to your specifications. The other guys too often simply drop your order off at the receptionist station with no regard for what it is, how heavy it may be, or where it should go. A professional driver represents consistency, accountability, and legitimate concern for your satisfaction. Random third party drivers unfamiliar with your business may not be an issue for you yet, but once you experience the difference you’ll know.

Unmatched Customer Service

Enter a service state of Zen where you are not met with rigid inflexible policies but with understanding and accommodation. We are real people who can easily relate to your office issues so we are all about providing the type of service we’d like to receive. You won’t be reaching out to some remote call center in a distant land where you are asked to provide an account number you don’t know before they can address your question. We take tremendous pride in being a call away, being approachable and all around easy to work with. If you want a resolution without getting an annoying automated “out of office” email reply or a canned insincere voicemail saying, “we’re unable to take your call but you are important to us,” message, then we were made for each other.

Mr. Quantity & Mrs. Quality

Who the heck are they? Think Price and Value. These two might just be the perfect couple. Yet this is the one marriage the tabloids said would never happen. We’re happy to announce that we successfully married these two despite all the doomsday predictions from our big-box competitors. We grew tired of hearing them go on and on about how it’s never going to work out… maybe it doesn’t work out in their world. But here at GBP Direct, they’ve been happily married for more than 17 years. Lower prices with no sacrifices in quality equals marital bliss.

With GBP Direct you’ll get: Lower Prices Stellar Service Peace of Mind Lagniappe

The Essential Office Categories

Office Furniture
Selecting office furniture is no easy task. Do you buy solely based on price, on looks, or on comfort? We’ll measure the space and provide you with a 3D CAD drawing that is ADH compliant. Know exactly how your furniture fits your space before ordering

Ink & Toner
Of all the items that fall into the office supply category, perhaps none are more frustrating for our customers than ink and laser toner cartridges. If you’re looking to have a major positive impact on your budget, We’ll save you when compared to national retailers

Office Supplies
These items seem trivial until you need them. We’re here to make sure office Armageddon’ never happens. We’ll keep you stocked up on copy paper, folders, pens, etc., and will also guide you on how to buy smarter so that your dollars are always maximized.

Snacks, Breakroom, & Cleaning
Just because you work closely with your team doesn’t mean you have to get sick with them too. Stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria has immeasurable benefits that transcend the mere financial. These are the necessary items that make your office hygienic

It’s time to shine. It’s your brand, let’s promote!

Promotional & Printing

For brand awareness, corporate gifts, awards, school spirit, and more we’ve got you covered.

There are literally thousands of possibilities from the traditional to the creative. With your imagination and our guidance the perfect promo is easily within reach.

GBP Direct promos we can even stock your promotional items and deliver then as needed with your office supply order.

Visit our promo site to sift through thousands of awesome possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. Of course, if you’re not feeling particularly creative we can help lead you to the latest trends and the next big thing.

See for yourself why promotions work. The proof is in the numbers.
83%Remember the advertiser on a promotional product
80%Of customers can identify you from a promotional product.
43%Own a promotional shirt
31%Of all U.S. consumers are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional item.

Proud to serve some of the Best


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