Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Products

From Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Xerox, Dell, and more, we have all the major brands you know and trust.

So whether you need an inkjet cartridge, a laser cartridge, a MICR cartridge, or a maintenance kit, GBP Direct has immediate access to the item you need to get you printing again.

The compatible cartridges of today that use all new components.

Compatible Laser Cartridges

Have you ever taken generic medicine or bought a store brand can of soup? If so, you’re on the right path. It wasn’t so long ago…let’s say less than 10 years ago, when buying an off brand laser cartridge was like buying a lottery ticket. Both had about an equal chance of working out in your favor. This is no longer the case.

“Frankentoners,” the term we coined years ago, that we once used to describe those poorly made cartridges that were pieced together in some questionable facility and held together just long enough to resemble a passable laser toner, were sold everywhere strictly on price. Print quality was sacrificed for cheap products. This practice all but ruined what is today a vital and thriving industry.

Save Up To

Versus (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer Toner

In fact, things have improved so much so that if you are still holding a grudge against an entire industry based on your past experience with these “Frankentoners,” then you are missing out on a huge area of savings.

Industry data reveals that the original manufacturer (or OEM) toner cartridges have a defect rate of between 1% and 3% with an average warranty of 60 days. Our recommended certified compatible toners have a 1% defect rate and are 100% guaranteed from start to finish. What was once a slow shift towards compatibles has become a tsunami as the savings combined with a high quality product has made switching a true no brainer.

Compatible Laser Toners Offer You: Huge Savings A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Excellent Quality

Take your current spend on Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lexmark, etc. and cut it by 40%. How does that number look? That could easily become your new reality.

The GBP Direct Compatible Advantage

All New Cartridge

The compatible cartridges of today are constructed from all new components in a pristine environment using a precise methodology. It is NOT a remanufactured product but rather an all new cartridge from top to bottom. Thus, the term compatible is interchangeable with “generic” or “clone” in the truest sense of the word.

Top Performance

No other commonly used office item provides the level of savings as a compatible cartridge will when used in place of an OEM.  Our compatibles offer you superior quality to go with an excellent value. You can buy with confidence knowing that our compatibles will perform on the level of an OEM (brand named cartridge). The high standard manufacturing procedures have resulted in a failure rate (estimated at 1.4%) equal to the already low OEM standard.

No Risk

There is no risk…as in zero. Our generic brand cartridges come from only the top tier manufacturers that have been thoroughly vetted and expertly tested. With our 100% iron clad risk free guarantee your satisfaction is all that matters. We believe there is nothing to be lost by trying but much to be gained by its success. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, simply request a return. We will pick it up and promptly issue a credit to your account.


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