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Selecting office furniture is no easy task. Do you buy solely based on price, on looks, or on comfort? Are you confident enough in your decision to be able to accomplish all three? Well, if you were to utilize our in house designers and space planners (that we offer as a free service), you can rest easy. We’ll measure the space and provide you with a 3D CAD drawing that is ADH compliant. Knowing exactly how your furniture fits your space before ordering just makes sense.

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With access to almost every major manufacture and from systems projects to simple offices, we offer an option for any size budget or need. Whether you just want simple function or you’re ready to win the best looking office in the city award, we’ve got you covered.

Worry Free

A word of caution, buying office furniture from an online supplier can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Should you open the box and see shipping damage, the wrong finish, or missing parts, you can rest assured that your headache is just getting started.

Avoid having your shipment arrive looking like this…

Expert Advise

We have expert handlers and installers ready to place, assemble, and remove all trash from your office. Enjoy your new furniture without all the hassle of a difficult set up.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Basically it’s a way of describing various levels of “needs” a person must satisfy in order to reach self-actualization. Well office furniture can be viewed in a similar way. Furniture can satisfy the basic needs of your business, just like food and water can satisfy our basic needs to survive. To help your business go beyond the most basic level, we offer you our in house designers who specialize in self-actualizing your furniture so your  business can attain the highest level.


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