Office Supplies

The bread and butter of our business is those day to day items that seem trivial at first but can have a huge impact on production. Copy paper, folders, pens, etc. all seem like petty items until you need them. We will help you buy smarter so that your dollars are maximized.

With your permission, we can take your supply purchasing to the next level. This is where purchasing becomes personalized. This is the game changer and the strategy used by our most astute customers.

A quick analysis of your business’ spending trends and habits, will allow us to create a personalized company catalog showcasing only the products you actually buy and regularly use.

Where Does The Money Go?

We can directly impact over 24% of your operating budget!

No longer a secret!

We thank the many businesses in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the Northshore, and along the bayou, for 15 years of incredible growth. From an upstart company in 1999 to a nationally recognized independent office supply leader, we have worked hard to combat the myth that national chain retailers like Office Depot are best suited to handle your business. We have been tested time and again and have proven over and over again that when it comes to service, these national chains are ill equipped and incapable of responding to the real needs of business. We may not have radio jingles and we may not stuff your mailbox with fliers every other day, but the biggest and best businesses in our region know exactly who we are. And now we invite you to learn what they already know. In the end, we’ll let Office Depot and Staples serve who they serve best…the at home shopper. Let’s get down to business.


Labor consumes a huge portion of your overall operating budget. We can impact this area as well. By being efficient, fast, and thorough, you spend less time in an area that’s nothing but an expense. Here is where we address the “soft cost”.

Office Supplies

Here is the area that we impact the most. This section includes general office supplies, office furniture, toner cartridges, promotional items, breakroom supplies and janitorial. That’s why companies that maximize our potential save thousands.

Everything Else

Utilities, insurance, marketing, etc.

GBP Direct Provides: Professional Delivery Detailed Reporting Experienced Customer Service Lower Prices


Our goal is to save you money on every item no matter where you are getting it now. But, at worst we will match the price on an item or two.  It’s the bottom line that matters most and when the final numbers are delivered we know we’ll beat our big box competitors…every time.

Customer Service

Unbeatable in speed and response. Too many backorders? Basic items taking days to arrive? That’s nonsense. Here’s another simple example…you meant to order letter file folders but you ordered legal in error? It happens. What to do and when will it ever get picked up? You’ve been kicking under your desk for over a week. Well, we treat returns like it’s a new order. That means we’re there to get it next day with a credit or an exchange. Simple, fast, and hassle free.

Company Owned Delivery Trucks

It may not matter to you until that day it does and then it really matters. Be prepared now. We stay in direct communication with our drivers, giving us ultimate flexibility to handle “urgent office emergencies” with your deliveries. Experience the difference versus a delivery courier service as utilized by our national big box friends. And because our drivers keep their same routes, they’ll quickly know exactly where your product needs to go.


Be a know it all…because knowledge is power. With our on demand detailed reports you will have an inside view of all vital metrics and activity within your account. This will allow you to know how every nickel is being spent. Additional savings and improved ordering efficiency is possible once you are armed with the data.

Business Source is our proprietary label that encompasses over 8,000 general office supply items and represents the most economical choice possible.

By eliminating impulse buys, focusing on generic and economy brands, and reducing inefficiencies and redundancies, you’ll literally save thousands. When we’re done it will be time for you to ask for a raise or to at least get recognized for being the office hero at your next company party.

Sample Page from a Custom Catalog

Torn from the pages of an actual custom catalog, the example below demonstrates how we can create a catalog specific to your company.

Item: GBP8511. GBP Direct’s Private Label Premium Copy Paper

Why did you stop using a national chain office supplier?

We polled over 400 of our clients and asked:

Why did you stop using a national chain office supplier?

Too Many Back Orders
Difficulty With Returns
High Prices
Poor Service
98% said buying local mattered and was very important.
94% of our customers purchase on our website citing ease as the primary reason.
93% of our customers preferred delivery by a professional delivery person versus a courier service citing security concerns and familiarity as the main reasons. We deliver on our trucks with our drivers. Both Office Depot & Staples use couriers.
72% Factoid: In corporate America, women are overwhelmingly responsible for ordering office supplies. 72% of our buyers are women.

Some of the Data & Statistics revealed in our Reports


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