Promotional & Printing

Be it business cards, corporate checks, forms (yes they still exist), letterhead etc., we can handle it. If you have a sample you can spare that’s all we’ll need and we’ll provide you with a cost cutting quote. Your printed items can even be re-ordered on our website allowing you to shop office supplies and printing on one site.

GBP Direct Promotional offers you: A Fast Turn Around Aggressive Pricing Simplified Ordering Complete Satisfaction Updates from Start to Finish

Let’s talk Promotional items.

It’s time to shine. It’s your brand, let’s promote the heck out of it! In tough times and in good times, marketing is the machine that can never stop. Here are a few things to consider between promotional items and other forms of advertising.

More Effective than Traditional Media

If you opt for TV, the internet, radio, or even one the last remaining magazines, your message stops when the ad stops. When eyes and ears are diverted away, your brand vanishes into the ethers. Consumers made a purchase after receiving a promotional product (20.9 %) more often than after viewing a print ad (13.4 %), TV commercial (7.1 %), or online (4.6 %).

Longer Lasting Recognition

However, with the right promotional products your impression never completely stops and it continues to collect valuable impressions as long as that item sits on a desk, is worn, is sipped from, or is kept in circulation.  As they say in the promotional world, “there’s no app” for that.

More Economical Per Impression

Moreover, the cost per impression is dramatically less than for almost every other type of advertising method. If there was a cost effective way to promote your business that required minimal effort, had long lasting staying power, and allowed you to expand your brand beyond your typical audience, would you use it?

Visit our promo site to sift through thousands of awesome possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. Of course, if you’re not feeling particularly creative we can help lead you to the latest trends and the next big thing.

Promote the Possibilities

8 in 10consumers own between one and 10 promotional products.
53%of these people use a promotional product at least once a week.
6 in 10of them keep promotional products for up to two years.
1 in 5people will trash an unwanted promotional product.
For brand awareness, corporate gifts, awards, school spirit, and more we’ve got you covered.

Promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

94% Can remember promotional items they had received in the past two years
89% could recall the advertiser of the promotional product
83% reported that they liked receiving promotional products
69% typically keep the promotional product.


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