As businesses begin the slow process of re-opening and transitioning back to a sense of normalcy, one thing we all know for sure is that many aspects of business will be altered well into the foreseeable future…much of which we can’t even predict or anticipate yet.

However, general cleaning and sanitation will forever become more frequent and much more comprehensive. Moreover, personal workspaces, meeting areas, and methods for client interaction will likewise change in unique and perhaps even inconvenient ways.

At GBP Direct, we have access to these unique products but you will NOT find the majority of what’s available to properly address these crucial issues on our website. For that reason, we ask that you please contact our customer service at ( or your sales rep to learn what options are available. Allowing you to order day to day supplies quickly and efficiently is what our website was designed to do. But, consulting our clients on how to find the right solutions to enhance and protect their work environment is what we do best.

Provide The Perfect Protection


From disposable, to cloths of various blends, to N95, and even logo imprinted, we have access to more versions of masks than we can possibly show. It would become overwhelming and completely confusing. As inventory becomes more and more readily available, let us find the right type for your needs. Reach out to us directly so we can match you with the right product at the right price with a reasonable ETA.  However, If you do want to scroll through a sampling of options, we won’t stop you. Search here, find the item you like and contact us for a price.


Quite similar to masks, the rush on gloves decimated global inventories. Manufacturing is catching up. We can find options for various types. Relieve yourself of this headache and contact us directly so we can locate what you need and properly inform you of an expected arrival date.


Never again should a business be caught without proper hygienic and sanitation products at the ready. Many were unprepared but lessons have been learned. For that reason, we at GBP Direct have partnered with a Louisiana chemical supplier to bring you the very best in industrial EPA and CDC approved cleaning products. You’ll still have the option to purchase Lysol, Clorox, and any other brand on our site, but you are strongly encouraged to visit our CORID KIT page.


Partitions, screens, and acrylic shields…you may know these better as “sneeze guards”. Anyway, you can expect to find versions of these very soon in an office near you …maybe even at your own desk? Just to provide a small sampling of options, please follow these links to check out a just few of the many possibilities that exist.

Wellness Screens: (Link to Brochure) | Moveable Partitions: (Link to Brochure)

Barriers: (Link to Brochure) | Social Distancing Products: (Link to Website)

Desk Mask: (Link to Brochure)


Be ready to find more singange with health instructions, policies, proper separation and floor positioning signs, etc. You’ll start seeing this everywhere you go. Yes, we can assist with this too. With access to both standard and customized signage, we’re ready to help.

So, the simple takeaway is this. The process of reopening does not have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Whether it’s new legal requirements or just logical preventative measures, lean on us to help.

As we rebuild our local economies and our lives, buying local matters more than ever. We welcome the chance to continuously demonstrate why for more than 20 years we have served the top companies and institutions across South Louisiana…and beyond.



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