Snacks, Breakroom, & Cleaning

Forget flu season, when you’re in an office environment every day be it a wayward sneeze or a misdirected cough offers some potential sickness. The proper cleaning supplies are vital. These are those necessary items that make your office livable…or should we say fresh and sanitized? Stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria has immeasurable benefits that transcend the mere financial.

One of our fastest growing categories (and for good reason) is what is now more commonly referred to as Jan/San. This is the shorthand way of saying Janitorial and Sanitation, but it encompasses so much more.

From snacks and kitchen cutlery, to paper towels and bathroom supplies, to trash liners, and cleaning chemicals, we’re talking thousands of items and an area where you could literally be flushing your money away.

We can provide an onsite walkthrough or direct you to the latest software that allows you to complete a virtual facility walkthrough that assists in selecting exactly what is needed for all areas and applications.

GBP Direct Breakroom & Cleaning Supplies offer: Eco-friendly Options Unique Product Selections An easier way to order

The days where such items were separated from office supplies are quickly fading. Why? In one word… efficiency. It makes sense to consolidate vendors, eliminate unnecessary invoices, reduce the number of deliveries received in a day, and improve the speed of ordering buy including these items with general office supplies.

In fact, many traditional janitorial suppliers aren’t even equipped to accept web orders. As ridiculous as that is, we are all about ease of process. We’ll leave them perpetually stuck in 1998 as we continue to find ways to bring you a simplified buying experience.



GBP Direct offers you the healthy snack options you need along with those “junk” snacks you really want.


The paper products, cutlery, condiments, floor care, hand cleaners and sanitizers, you need to have a breakroom that encourages community and fosters comradery.


Maintain a hygienic and healthy environment with the right products specifically designed to address all cleaning needs regardless of your facility type.


    LAN-yap: bonus or something extra